Hi, I’m Kshitiz

I am Computer Science student at St. Cloud State University. I work as a Part -Time web developer for MCSI here in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. I am a fan of technology, programming, and Drones. I’m also interested in innovation and writing. You can view my projects with a click on the button below.



Making desktop-based FPS using Unity 3D(.NET Framework)

The genre of electronic games where the new generation gamers are most evident is the “First Person Shooter”, which I had the privilege to study in one of my Computer Science class, entitled “Computer animation and visualization”.


What is Decentralization in terms of Blockchain technology?

First of all, decentralization in general is not a new idea. we had human civilization for ten thousand years and over these years we had a lots of instances of centralized things such as centralized governments, centralized companies, centralized cites and some decentralized thing.


Always learning and challenging myself.

There are people who had a really successful after school life in many fields after flunking out, not attending college, or dropping out, or not even getting through high school.


  • 310 8th Ave S #101
  • St. Cloud, Minnesota, United States
  • +1 320 223 8723
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